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Corporate Profile

(As of 6/29/2017)


Trade Name




1-8 Senribampaku Koen, Suita-shi, Osaka 565-0826,JAPAN


Corporate Representative

President Shouhei Yoshimura


Corporate Objectives

Osaka Monorail conducts the below business in and around operating the Osaka Monorail.

  1. General transport under the Tramway Law and Railway Business Law
  2. Purchase, lease and construction of land, buildings and infrastructure and construction consulting required to promote urban development
  3. Operation of sightseeing and entertainment facilities, sporting facilities, restaurants, coffee shops, kiosks, convenient stores and parking garages
  4. Sale of alcohol, cigarettes, postal and revenue stamps, and medicines
  5. Type I telecommunications under the Telecommunication Business Law and cable television broadcasting under the Cable Television Broadcast Law, and the maintenance and management of those facilities
  6. Any and all operations related to the above